Triangle Lake Farm

ECO built our house, barn, shop, green house, and animal shelters and always excelled in craftsmanship and care. –Dan and Marijana of Triangle Lake

The scope of this project is matched only by the beauty of its surroundings (and perhaps the 23 kW PV array!). Besides the octagon house, ECO designed and built an extraordinary, one of a kind barn, an elaborate chicken tractor, and seven other structures on this over five-year project. Custom crafting furniture continues.

Features of the house:

Feng Shui design by homeowner

100% FSC framing lumber, siding, decking, and 100% FSC formaldehyde free PureBond plywood for interior and exterior

Responsibly harvested, local, beams, poles, and logs

Pure wool insulation

Earthen floors and walls from soil dug and mixed on-site

American Clay, lime stucco, and plasters, including the shower plastered with a lime plaster called “Tadelakt”

Wood fired radiant floor heat and wood fired cooking in two Tulikivi masonry stoves

Extensive electromagnetic frequency (EMF) shielding & mitigation

Autoclaved aerated cement (AAC) block

Significant use of Living Glass

Land Ark plant oil finishes

We just loved working with you all. We really appreciated your ability to listen to our needs and figure out the healthiest alternatives and approaches. We appreciated your flexibility to change. Thank you for all your work!” –Dan and Marijana of Triangle Lake

Architect: Jan Fillinger / STUDIO-E Architecture / Completed: 2009