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It’s always an exciting event to have a crane on the job site, swinging trusses up and over to land precisely where they are needed. The trusses create the depth necessary for the 22 inches of dense-pack cellulose insulation for this Passive House. We also applied 5 1/2 inches of … continue →

Bandon, we’ve got a wall

We’ve been a little remiss with keeping you up to date with what ECO is up to so here you will see a fast growing timeline of just that!

First walls of Oceana Vido–First Certified Passive House on Oregon Coast. 8.19.19

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After 4 years off on a Grandparenting sabbatical it’s time to get back to the work I’ve loved for over 50 years. I’m excited to discover how much has changed in the world of Greenbuilding, and how much has stayed the same. One thing that’s changed is me. I’m older, … continue →

Zero Energy home completed and in the news

Finished last year in time for the BRING tour, now featured in The Register-Guard. Check out the article here. A great example of eco living!… continue →

The Zero Energy

We began by deconstructing an existing home, reusing, and recycling all that we could. We then set out to design and build a 2300 square foot zero energy home.… continue →

O2K Updates

How rare it is to take a house and invest a lot of time, effort, and money, and in the end, make it smaller. Now that’s where green building starts. We then make a dramatic upgrade to the energy efficiency of the shell, and the mechanical systems. We take a … continue →

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September 16, 2014

Sixth Annual BRING Tour

September 7, 2014

2014: The Year to Date

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